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Table 3 E3 ligases that catalyze the ubiquitination of TRAFs

From: TRAF molecules in cell signaling and in human diseases

E3 ligases Target TRAFs (Lys of ubiquitination) Receptor signaling References
K-63 linked polyubiquitination
Act1 TRAF6 (Lys124) IL-17R [201]
  TRAF5 IL-17R [204]
cIAP1/2 TRAF3 and TRAF6 RIG-I [144]
Pellino3 TRAF6 (Lys124) TLR3 [202]
K-48 linked polyubiquitination
cIAP1/2 TRAF2 TNF-R2 [205, 206]
  TRAF2 M-CSFR [207]
  TRAF2 and TRAF3 (Lys107 and Lys156) CD40 and TLR4 [72, 92]
  TRAF3 and TRAF6 RIG-I [144]
Triad3A TRAF3 RIG-I [203]
AWP1 TRAF2 TNF-R1/2 [208]
SOCS2 TRAF6 AhR [209]
Siva-1 TRAF2 TCR [210]
Numbl TRAF6 and TRAF5 IL-1R [211, 212]
CHIP TRAF2 Cancer cell invasion [213]