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Table 1 Histological typing, extent of invasiveness, and FIGO staging of carcinoma biopsies

From: Seminal plasma induces the expression of IL-1α in normal and neoplastic cervical cells via EP2/EGFR/PI3K/AKT pathway

Sample identification Histological type FIGO staging
Ca.2-Ca.10, Ca.12-Ca.15 Squamous carcinoma 0; carcinoma in-situ
Ca.5,Ca.16 Squamous carcinoma IA; moderately differentiated
Ca.1,Ca.17 Squamous carcinoma IA1; moderately differentiated
Ca.11 Adenocarcinoma IB1; well differentiated
Ca.18 Squamous carcinoma IB1; moderately differentiated
Ca.4 Squamous carcinoma IIIB; moderately differentiated