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Table 1 Electrical resistance across monolayers of cultured Line 31E mammary epithelial cells

From: SFRP-4 abrogates Wnt-3a-induced β-catenin and Akt/PKB signalling and reverses a Wnt-3a-imposed inhibition of in vitro mammary differentiation

Cell Type Treatment Transmonolayer resistance* (Ohms × cm2)
31E-pBabeVector w/o Wnt-3a 290 +/- 22
  + Wnt-3a 620 +/- 36
31E-pBabeSFRP-4 w/o Wnt-3a 250 +/- 18
  + Wnt-3a 310 +/- 27
  1. * Cultures previously selected with puromycin were grown on nitrocellulose filter inserts (2.2 cm diameter) for 48 hrs prior to adding treatment with or without Wnt-3a at 5 μl/ml for a further 28 hrs. Values shown are the mean +/- S.E.M. of 5 measurements made on parallel inserts taken across the membrane from apical to basal sides with the Millicell ERS instrument.