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Table 1 G protein activation by E2F8

From: E2F8 is a nonreceptor activator of heterotrimeric G proteins

ADE2 plasmid Signaling Fluorescence
E2F8 +++++++ -
E2F8-YFP +++++++ +
C5aR NQ ++++ -
Vector - -
  1. Yeast BY1142, which expresses a chimeric subunit, was transformed with the indicated ADE2 plasmids along with empty URA3 vector. Transformants were replica-plated onto Ura- His- Ade1 mM plates containing varying concentrations of 3-AT. Yeast were assessed for growth after 3 days. The maximal concentration of 3-AT tolerated by the transformants is indicated: 100 mM (+++++++), 50 mM (++++++), 20 mM (+++++), 10 mM (++++), 5 mM (+++), 2 mM (++), 1 mM (+), or 0 mM (-). Fluorescence was determined by examining yeast colonies on a dissecting microscope and is reported as either + (fluorescent colony) or – (non-fluorescent colony). C5aR NQ, a constitutively active mutant of the C5a receptor, was used as a positive control.